Red Pinto #2 Giveaway!

Earlier today we gave away our first Red Pinto Horse.  So in wasting no time, we are going to give away another one, but this one is a bit different.   This one is a fundraiser for the site basically.  So whoever donates to the site, for every dollar they donate, they are entered into a drawing.  Send 5 dollars, you get 5 entries, send 30 dollars, you get 30 entries, and so on.  Then on New Years Eve (or sooner, more on that below), a drawing will be held live on Tiny chat via web cam. 

There is only a limited number of entries that will be entered, with the limit being 500.  Any donation made since December 10th will count as well.

All that donate will be messaged back via the email address on their donation to pick a number between 0 and 500, with the earlier donators getting priority on numbers.  Then a number will be drawn on the 31st (or sooner based on numbers being drawn) using and be filmed via webcam.   The emails to request numbers will be sent Late Afternoon Thursday the 16th.

So there you go, if you have any question leave them as a comment, and for you that are helping us out on this, and in general are helping the site, thanks, without you guys there would be no site.