Correction, the Five Gagaville Codes are

We had some info that was based on earlier info a bit earlier, so lets try this again.  Appears this may be worldwide, and all the codes are the same for everyone.  Any questions throw them on as comments.  Remember you can't actually use the codes for about 3 hours and 40 Minutes from the Publish time of this post.  Thanks Robert For helping with this post.  And Make sure to share this with your friends if you think they may care.


So here we go:

Day One Code: "GEM", You get A well Huge Gem deco thing

Day Two Code "ELECTRIC" , Youu get an Electric Rose Flower Bed

Day Three Code:"ARCH", You get a Chrome Daisy Arch

Day Four Code: "MONSTER", You Get Monster Fuel

Day Five Code: "GARDEN", You Get a Gaga Garden Patch

Where to redeem:

Go there each day after 6:00 AM Eastern Time.  (same as Time)

Also it appears most of these things will be in the market Soon as well.  Like maybe the 24th.