Never Get me Lucky Charms Quest, Guide Text Version

1) This is for everyone! Also be aware, they could change something, they've done it before, it's hard to predict the future 100% accurate all the time.  Just ask Miss Cleo. 

2) It Runs for 2 Week.

3) It starts like 1 pmish on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms.


Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 6 Purple Thistles
Harvest 60 Lilacs
Craft 1 Arborist
Xp,Coins, Purple Thistle Tree
2 Get 7 Shamrock Headbands
Harvest 90 Morning Glory
Harvest the Purple Thistle Tree
Xp,Coins, Shamrock Raccoon
3 Get 8 Leprechaun Traps
Harvest 120 Golden Poppies
Craft 1 Fertilize All
Xp,Coins, XP Book
4 Get 9 Magic Charm Bracelets
Harvest 150 Broccoli
Harvest the Shamrock Raccoon 1 time
Xp,Coins, Pot of Gold Tree
5 Get 9 Rainbow Drops
Harvest 180 Cotton
Master Shamrock Raccoon
Xp,Coins, End of  Rainbow
6 Get 9 Gold Ropes
Harvest 180 Sunflowers
Craft 1 Farmhand
Xp,Coins, Unwither
7 Get 10 Leprechaun Hats
Harvest 180 Daffodils
Harvest Orchard
Xp,Coins, Mystery Game Dart
8 Get 11 Leprechaun Beads
Harvest 180 Squash
Harvest Pot of Gold Tree 1 time
Xp,Coins, Ye Olde Pub
9 Get 12 Pots of Gold
Harvest 240 Soybeans
Havest Baby Bunny Hutch 2 times
Xp,Coins, Golden Unicorn

And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, at some point the below images will show up!

The Enchanted Wedding Month Long Massive Quest, Guide, Text Version

1) This is for everyone!  Stars on Thursday-ish.

2) It Runs for about a month-ish

3) It is Enchanted Glen centered-ish

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Harvest 100 Mercury Melon
Harvest 100 Elfin Tea
Harvest Bell Bird
Xp,Coins, Fairy Trumpeteers
2 Harvest 100 Bugleweed
Harvest 100 Gossamer Ivy
Make 10 Midsummer Teas
Xp,Coins, Fairy Ring Tree
3 Harvest Enchanted Glen Horse Paddock 2 Times
Harvest 200 Dream Cotton
Raise Midsummer Tea to Level 6
Xp,Coins,Fairy Queen Throne
4 Harvest 200 Peppermint
Harvest 150 Butterfly Roses
Make 10 Rose Cakes
Xp,Coins, Corgi Ringbearer
5 Harvest 200 Nectarkin
Harvest 200 Dark Dahlia
Make 8 Honey Creams
Xp,Coins, Fairy Groomsman
6 Harvest Enchanted Glen Aviary 2 Times!
Harvest 200 Fairy Foxglove
Raise Rose Cakes to level 6
Xp,Coins, Mystery Game Dart
7 Harvest 200 Pineapples
Harvest 200 Boggart Bulb
Harvest Corgi Ring Bearer 3 Times
Xp,Coins,Wedding Candle Tree
8 Harvest 200 Butterfly Roses
Harvest 200 Honey Melons
Make 8 Boggart Breads
Xp,Coins, Wedding Carriage
9 Harvest Enchanted Glen Livestock Pen 2 Times
Harvest 200 Nectarkin
Make 10 Ambrosia
Xp,Coins,Fairy Bridesmaid
10 Harvest 200 Pink Roses
Harvest 200 Fairyscotch Candies
Make 10 Pixieberry Crumpets
Xp,Coins, Nix Pegacorn
11 Harvest 300 Elfin Tea
Harvest 300 Dark Dahlia
Raise Honey Creams to Level 4
Xp,Coins, Lucus Bull 
12 Harvest 200 Gossamer Ivy
Harvest 100 Boggart Bulbs
Make 12 Fairy Wedding Cakes
Xp,Coins, Nix and Lucas


And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, BOOM: