SteamPowered Questing, Quest Guide Table Version

1) This is for everyone! Also be aware, they could change something, they've done it before, it's hard to predict the future 100% accurate all the time.  Just ask Miss Cleo. 

2) It Runs for 2 Week.

3) It starts like 1 pmish on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms.

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Homeopathy Books
Harvest 60 Aloe Vera
Craft 12 Butter in Dairy Barn
Xp, Coins, Corn Snake
2 Get 8 Test Tubes
Harvest 90 Spinach
Harvest Corn Snake Twice
Xp, Coins, Unwither
3 Get 9 Snake Charmer Flutes
Harvest 120 Peppers
Craft 2 Shovels
Xp, Coins, Stage Wagon
4 Get 10 Infuser Spoons
Harvest 150 Mint
Master Corn Snake to First star
Xp, Coins, Electric Sheep
5 Get 10 Eyedroppers
Harvest 150 Golden Poppies
Harvest Electric Sheep 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Turbos
6 Get 10 Healing Crystals
Harvest 180 Sunflowers
Craft 1 Farmhand
Xp, Coins, The Storm Skipper
7 Get 11 Magnetic Bracelets
Harvest 180 Eggplant
Master Electric Sheep to First star
Xp, Coins, Mystery Game Dart
8 Get 12 Medicine Bottles
Harvest 180 Lilacs
Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread
Xp, Coins, Victorian Hats Tree
9 Get 14 Advertising Pamphlets
Harvest 240 Pineapples
Craft 2 Fresh Sachets
Xp, Coins, Wind Up Horse

And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, at some point the below images will show up!

Corn Snake Stage WagonElectric SheepThe Storm SkipperVictorian Hats Tree Wind Up Horse