The English Month Long Massive Quest Guide, Table Version

1) This is for everyone!  Stars on Monday-ish

2) It Runs for about a month-ish

3) It is English centered-ish

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Harvest 150 Hops
Harvest 200 English Chips
Craft Fish and Chips 2 Times
Xp,Coins, Royal Guard Corgi
2 Harvest 200 English Chips
Harvest 250 Bluebells
Craft Alpaca Yarn 7 Times
Xp,Coins, Rampant Lion
3 Harvest 275 Foxglove
Harvest 300 Hops
Craft Fish and Chips 2 Times
Xp,Coins, Unwither Spray
4 Harvest 300 Field Bean
Harvest 325 English Pea
Craft Floral Scone 6 Times
Xp,Coins, Coat of Arms Tree
5 Harvest 325 Barley
Harvest 350 English Chips
Craft Special Delivery Box 4 Times
Xp,Coins, Fish and Chips Pub
6 Harvest 350 Pink Aster
Harvest 375 Hops
Craft Barley Crumpet 8 Times
Xp,Coins, Long Scarf Tree
7 Harvest 375 Red Currant
Harvest 400 English Chips
Craft Rosehip Tea 10 Times
Xp,Coins, Mystery Game Dart
8 Harvest 400 Hops
Harvest 425 Pink Aster
Craft Red Currant Trifle 10 Times
Xp,Coins, Union Jack Gnome
9 Harvest 425 English Rose
Harvest 425 Black Tea
Craft Fish and Chips 3 Times
Xp,Coins, Fog Sheep
10 Harvest 425 Barley
Harvest 450 English Rose
Make the Chardonnay Preserves recipe 10 times
Xp,Coins, Raincoat and Wellies Cow
11 Harvest 450 Hops
Harvest 475 Field Beans
Craft Lion Head Ale 10 Times
Xp,Coins, Police Bobby Tree
12 Harvest 500 English Chips
Harvest 500 Hops
Master Fish and Chips to 1 Star
Xp,Coins, Bobby Pegacorn


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