Eyeball Tree Sees what you do, Quest Guide, Table Version

1) This is for everyone!

2) It Runs for another 13.87ish days

3) It started on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms. 

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Sawdust
Harvest 60 Spider Webs
Make 3 Red Remedy in the Apothecary
Xp, Coins, Zombie Duck
2 Get 8 Tire Tracks
Harvest 90 Celery
Harvest Zombie Duck 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Imp Gnome
3 Get 9 Broken Corn Stalks
Harvest 120 Bell Pepper
Make 3 Dill Candles
Xp, Coins, Fert all
4 Get 10 Lost Leaves
Harvest 150 Spider Webs
Master Zombie Duck to 1 Star
Xp, Coins, Eyeball Tree
5 Get 10 Rattling Chains
Harvest 180 Licorice Plant
Make 4 Fawn Feed
Xp, Coins, Turbos
6 Get 11 Crumpled Clothes
Harvest 180 Green Strawberries
Make 2 Angora Scarves in the Yarn Barn
Xp, Coins, Taranchicken
7 Get 12 Muddy Shoes
Master Spider Webs to 3 Stars
Make 8 Cups of Cordial in the Apothecary
Xp, Coins,Unwither
8 Get 13 Glow-in-the-Dark Paints
Harvest 220 Nymph Morel
Make 5 Face Masks in Elite Horses
Xp, Coins, Jack-o-Lantern Cow
9 Get 14 Rubber Masks
Harvest 240 Broccoli
Make 2 Soothing Salves in the Apothecary
Xp, Coins, Dark & Stormy Unicorn

And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, at some point the below images will show up!