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unreleased + info

Just another horse with its foal and the Apple Chicken showed up as unreleased.

Black Arabian HorseBlack Arabian FoalBlack Arabian MasteryApple Chicken

The Mule's baby also showed up so be sure to put that one in the Horse Paddock as well ;-).

Baby Mule

There's a few animals that cannot be placed into the Horse Paddock yet.  As for now, the French and Fairy Unicorns, and the Skeleton Horse are not going in and so you'll have to wait till Zynga fixes that to make cute little skeleton babies.  update: the Mini Unicorns are not working either.

Crafting Mastery & Crafting Silo

We showed you the crafting mastery signs a few weeks back.  They have now been released so start making those craftings if you love signs.
The Crafting Silo is on slow rollout and should show up in your market soon.

You can already start to collect building materials for the Silo. You will need 30 materials to expand the Silo to level 2.  It will hold 50 crafting ingredients once expanded, or 100 in total you have an expanded Silo on both farms.

More info will follow later.