Oh Look a New Farm Intro Video… I bet the story wraps up soon down under..

So we all know Zynga has figured out the Magically secret to making all of their players, Sooper Dooper Happy.



Release a new Full Size Farm every 60 Days or so.  Yes It took them a few years, but they finally discovered that magically formula for ultimate happiness.  And just to spice it up toss in some mini farms along the way. 

So lets see where all have they covered on Earth.  England, New England, Australia, The North Pole, Asia, Atlantis, Hawaii, Halloween Town, Another Frozen Place, Fairy Land.  So as you can see they are running out of places to go, other than say a Desert, a Jungle, or an Urban Area.

So Time to Head off to the stars, Yep Its space time.

Well that was exciting.  I still think way back when Zynga got Indiana Jones involved with Adventure World, they should have shoehorned Willow into Castleville and Star Wars into Farmville.  Growing Bacta, harvesting Tauntauns, Using At-Ats to PPH, Oh so exciting, but no, we got a 2nd winter farm that wasn't Hoth.  Now we take to the stars to well, I dont know harvest space tacos?  I could go for some space tacos…


And remember, Zynga doesn't fix every little problem (or big problem) with the game, because that is not a valid business model.  Churning out more premium content and places to shove premium content is a Valid Business model.  At least until everyone gets fed up.

The next expected pair of Leaderboard Challenges

So This weeks expected Leaderboard quests are…  Well before I tell you, be aware this is accurate as of the time I post it, and the Leaderboard changes on Wednesday around 1:00.  Of course they could change things, so dont Yell at me if they do..  You will have noticed lately a lot less posts from Bob.  I hope that things change so I can do more for you, but sadly I can't say when/if it happens.  I hoped that thing last weekend would have been epic and went A LOT BETTER, but ya know, it didn't.  Anyway back to the Farmville news we are posting.  Check out what we expect after the jump.  Read more…

If You pay to go early to the 7th Farm, what do you get…

So they are following the basic gameplan they have had in place for awhile, if you pay to go early, you get an Item, plus you get your own questline…

Lets break it down.

First up for paying, they give you :

Once you have paid you are allowed to do a 1 Chapter, 6 Part quest that is Exclusively for Early Access Players.

These are the prizes for that questline:

Floating Witch FountainPurple Nightmare StallionMurky PondNightmare GoatFire HydraDark Bramble Tree


Are these items worth 35 cash to you?

I have my opinion but I will keep that tucked in my pocket.  I wouldn't want to influence anyone.


PS It may not say it on every single post, but you should always know anything that has not happened yet, and even some stuff that happened, is subject to change, Zynga at any point can wave their arms around and goats become chickens and all manner of insanity.