The Leaves Fall. Days Go By Quest Guide, Table Version

1) This is for everyone!

2).Two Weeks, have fun

3) It starts later this Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms. 

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Syrup Jars
Harvest 100 Red Chrysanthemum
Make 2 Water Troughs
Xp, Coins,Maple Piglet
2 Get 8 Autumn Scarves
Harvest 200 Brooch
Make 2 Fawn Feed
Xp, Coins,Turbos
3 Get 9 Leaf Nets
Harvest 200 Red Chrysanthemum
Make 2 Vita Drinks
Xp, Coins, Autumn Lake
4 Get 10 Leaf Books
Harvest 300 Magic Dandelion
Master Red Chrysanthemum to 1-Star
Xp, Coins,XP Book
5 Get 10 Autumn Seeds
Harvest 300 Popcorn
Make 3 Hoof Picks
Xp, Coins, Autumnshade Tree
6 Get 11 Feed Pouches
Harvest 400 Gooseberry
Craft 3 Fuel Cans
Xp, Coins, Autumn Chicken
7 Get 12 Fall Lanterns
Harvest 500 Kale
Craft 3 Watering Cans
Xp, Coins, Autumn Nights Tree
8 Get 13 Leaf Strings
Harvest 600 Yerba Mate
Craft 3 Gilded Bouquets
Xp, Coins,Unwither
9 Get 14 Moon Leaves
Harvest 700 Teaberries
Make 3 Saddling Benches
Xp, Coins, Autumn Night Pegacorn

And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, at some point the below images will show up!