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Welcome to the FvNation Chat, please read the rules below.

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Rules of Farmville Chat

1) Beggars are no fun, so if you beg, you likely will be ignored, and if you keep begging, you’ll be removed Example of begging “I came here for the foals, where are they” “why wont anyone send me a calf” “I’m here for the Groovy Calf” “Send me a silver pony now! ”

2) this is NOT a chat that is just for link sharing, this is primarily a Farmville/etc Discussion area, if you are here just for links, you will be sadly mistaken 3) If they have a symbol by their name, they are in Charge.  The house is number one.

4) If your getting harassed by Private Message of people asking for things, Message a Symbol name about it. Just in general dont Private Message someone without asking if you can.  Its sometimes annoying.

5) If someone doesnt want to add you as a friend, dont be offended, its just some people value their privacy

6) Trying to impersonate a member will lead to your entire ISP and maybe State/Country being banned.

7) Just because you are new, doesn’t mean you become the most important person in the room, but if you stay and help and actually interact with folks, you too can become a regular, and get helped more often.
8) If you just join, and dont talk, Dont expect anything.  No one is gonna bite you, just type stuff, and talk about how Zynga has Ruined your life if you need a starting point, just dont mention the FV Tool Bar bonus going from 25 to 10
9) Have fun, and remember this is just a game. Or rather a chat about a game.
10) if you demand something, your request will be interpreted as a request for banning, of which we will comply with your wishes.
11) Colors are to be shared, if you seem to think that one specific colors is yours, check your name, do you see a Symbol?  If you see a symbol than yes you can claim a color.  But if not, sorry.  Also If you use that bright teal, Yellow or Neon Green You may be leaving pretty fast.
12) Saying ” I don’t read any rules” sounds like 1) horrible english, and 2) why you’re gonna be kicked.
13) Informing the Mods what should be in the Rules is not the best idea.  Also Dont post screenshots of your farm so often I could watch your Watermelons progress.
14) You are not the Name Police, You got an opinion of someone’s name, Sit on it.  If someones name is rude,lewd, or plain f’d up it’ll get taken care of.
15) Guess what, saying things to just stir the pot to upset and make some people angry, is fairly faily, and will result in a instant permaban, no matter who you are.  Remember we come here to have fun and talk, and if your idea of fun is being a douche, gtfo.
Not really Rules but things you should know:
If you want a different nick you can type
/nick yournewname
And push enter
If you want to register your name you can type
/nickserv register password email
So example if you wanted to be named I_Hate_alanfarmer
you’d first type
/nick I_Hate_alanfarmer  (then press enter, this is all type in the normal box you type to chat in)
/nickserv register mypassword
then when you do that, you’ll get an email
Copy the message in the email it says to
then paste into the chat box.
Whenever you connect with your name you will have to Identify which you do by typing
/nickserv identify password (with your chosen password in place of the word password)