Forth Year Mother’s Day Questing. Quest Guide Table version.


1) This is for everyone! Also be aware, they could change something, they've done it before, it's hard to predict the future 100% accurate all the time.  Just ask Miss Cleo. 

2) It Runs for 2 Week.

3) It starts like 1 pmish on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms.

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Arts 'n' Crafts
Harvest 60 Dandelions
Craft Any Trowels Recipe in Hanging Gardens
Xp, Coins, Pouches Pig
2 Get 8 No. 1 Mom Ribbons
Harvest 90 Morning Glory
Harvest Pouches Pig 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Mommy 'n' Me Gnome
3 Get 9 Breakfast in Bed
Harvest 120 Rye
Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread
Xp, Coins, Unwither
4 Get 10 Heart Lockets
Harvest 150 Pumpkins
Master Pouches Pig to 1-Star
Xp, Coins, Heart Locket Tree
5 Get 10 Engraved Hearts
Harvest 180 Licorice Plant
Harvest Heart Locket Tree 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Mother's Ducklings Trough
6 Get 10 Bouquets of Wildflowers
Harvest 180 Eggplants
Craft 1 Farmhand
Xp, Coins, Turbos
7 Get 11 Memories Charm Bracelets
Harvest 180 Daffodils
Craft 2 Strawberry Shortcakes
Xp, Coins, Moster Sheep
8 Get 12 Jewelry Boxes
Harvest 180 Red Tulips
Harvest Mother Sheep 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Xp Book
9 Get 14 Spa Sets
Harvest 240 Pink Roses
Craft 2 Floral Perfume
Xp, Coins, Mother Unicorn

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