What the Crop? Quest Guide, Table Version

1) This is for everyone!

2) It Runs for 2 Week.  14ish days

3) It starts like 1 pmish on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms. 

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Harvest Any Crop
Harvest 150 Vegetable Crops
Harvest 150 Fruit Crops
Xp, Coins, Berry Bear
2 Harvest 175 Flowers
Harvest 175 Green Strawberries
Harvest 150 Tomatoes
Xp, Coins, Unwither
3 Harvest 225 Grain Crops
Harvest 225 Appleberries
Harvest 200 Teaberries
Xp, Coins,  Goji Garden
4 Harvest 250 Vegetable Crops
Harvest 300 Honeyberries
Harvest 300 Flower Crops
Xp, Coins,  Coffee Berry Cow
5 Harvest 300 Gooseberries
Harvest 250 Soybeans
Harvest 250 Aloe Vera
Xp, Coins,  XP Book
6 Harvest 400 Daffodils
Harvest 300 Lilacs
Harvest 300 Green Strawberries
Xp, Coins,  Mystery Game Dart
7 Harvest 300 Golden Poppies
Harvest 300 Pineapple
Harvest 400 Fruit Crops
Xp, Coins, Elder Berry Tree
8 Harvest 375 Teaberries
Harvest 375 Morning Glory
Harvest 375 Vegetable Crops
Xp, Coins, Gooseberry Moose
9 Harvest 400 Squash
Master Green Strawberries to 1-Star
Master Appleberries to 1-Star
Xp, Coins, Moon Berry Pegasus

And because I know people sometimes like seeing icons of stuff, at some point the below images will show up!