Candy Land Weekly Questing, Chapter 5, Quest Guide

 What's neat this week some quest parts have extra bonuses….
1) This is for Everyone. Also be aware, they could change something, they've done it before, it's hard to predict the future 100% accurate all the time.  Just ask Miss Cleo. 2) It Runs a Week. 3) It starts around 1 PM eastern.  Good Luck.

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Sugar Sprinklers
Harvest 70 Cookie Petals
Make Crushed Candy 15 Times in the Sweet Shop
Xp, Coins, Sugar Sprinkler Tree
2 Get 8 Sugarizer
Harvest 80 Gumball Poppy
Make 2 Rainbow Potion in the Sweet Shop
Xp, Coins, Super Sugar Tree
3 Get 9 Candy Shovels
Harvest 90 Candy Jasmine
Make 2 Candy Concoctions in the Sweet Shop
Xp, Coins, Gummy Chicken
4 Get 9 Candy Rake
Harvest 100 Cookie Petals
Craft 2 Mini Baked Alaska
Xp, Coins, Cary Candy Maker
5 Get 10 Candy Pitchfork
Harvest 110 Snapjelly
Harvest the Great Candy Factory 2 Times
Xp, Coins, Gummy Dragon
6 Get 12 Candy Apron
Harvest 120 Long Stem Cupcake
Master Cookie Petals to 1 Star
Xp, Coins, Sugar Baby Dragon

Icons for the Prizes will show up below: