A Month Long Quest under Water. Quest Guide, Table Version.

1) This is for everyone!  Stared on Friday.

2) It Runs for about a month-ish


Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Harvest 150 Startichokes
Harvest 200 Plankton
Make 3 Cotton Thread in the Yarn Barn
Xp,Coins, Atlantean Whale
2 Harvest 200 Coral
Harvest 250 Seawatermelon
Make 4 Yogurt in the Dairy
Xp,Coins, Grooved Coral Tree
3 Harvest 275 Seaweed
Harvest 300 Urchinberry
Make 6 Sugar Buttons in the Sweet Shop
Xp,Coins,Coral Peacock
4 Harvest 300 Shellfish
Harvest 325 Triton Turnip
Make 4 Sea Star Soup
Xp,Coins, Atlantis Opera House
5 Harvest 325 Startichokes
Harvest 350 Sea Sponge
Make 5 Cloudy Concoction in the Apothecary
Xp,Coins, Sea Turtle Dragon
6 Harvest 350 Salty Squash
Harvest 375 Pirate Potato
Make 6 Seaweed Souffle
Xp,Coins, Sea Fan Tree
7 Harvest 375 Lava Lotus
Harvest 400 Ambrosia
Make 7 Hair Ribbons in Elite Horses
Xp,Coins, Atlantean Chicken
8 Harvest 400 Bubble Bean
Harvest 425 Sea Cucumber
Make 8 Sea Star Soup
Xp,Coins,Octopus Gnomette
9 Harvest 425 Startichokes
Harvest 425 Pirate Potato
Make 6 Brie in the Dairy
Xp,Coins, Merman Gnome
10 Harvest 425 Manta Mushroom
Harvest 450 Bubble Bean
Make 8 Firebreath Drink in the Apothecary
Xp,Coins, Frilled Nudibranch Cow
11 Harvest 450 Pirate Potato
Harvest 475 Jellyfruit
Make 10 Sea Rock Candy
Xp,Coins, Lionfish Sea Horse
12 Master Startichokes to 3 Stars
Harvest 500 Carrot Gold
Raise Sea Star Soup to Level 26
Xp,Coins, Treasure Peganarwhal

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Halloween Time, Quest Guide, Table Version

1) This is for everyone!

2) It Runs until the 31st at about 12:59 Pm Eastern.

3) It started on Thursday and is Open, meaning it should work for all the farms. 

Task # Tasks Rewards
1 Get 7 Pumpkin Powders
Harvest 60 Jack O Lily
Make 1 Farmhand
Xp, Coins, Pumpkin Fairy Deer
2 Get 8 Pumpkin Beads
Harvest 90 Jack O Lily
Make 2 Alpaca Yarn
Xp, Coins,Unwither
3 Get 9 Fairy Vines
Harvest 120 Honeyberry
Master Jack O Lily to 1 Star
Xp, Coins, Pumpkin Vine Tree
4 Get 10 Floating Pumpkins
Harvest 150 Yerba Mate
Make 3 Water Troughs in Elite Horses
Xp, Coins, Pumpkin Fairy Falls
5 Get 10 Hallow Flutes
Harvest 180 Gilded Flower
Make 2 Fawn Feed
Xp, Coins,Xp Book
6 Get 11 Bat Biscuts
Harvest 180 Appleberries
Make 2 Wrenches
Xp, Coins, Fairy Lantern Tree
7 Get 12 Lantern Seeds
Harvest 200 Gooseberry
Make 3 Pipes
Xp, Coins, Jack O Chicken
8 Get 13 Ghost Goblets
Harvest 220 Canning Peaches
Make 3 Gilded Bouquet
Xp, Coins,Instagrow
9 Get 14 Jack O Cakes
Harvest 240 White Grape
Make 3 Fawn Feed
Xp, Coins, Fairy Pumpkin Pegacorn

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