More Holiday items

More Winter Holiday themed items enter the market tonight.  Lots of new items but also a few old items returned from last year, the Dancing Snowlady and Mrs Clause Gnome.  The new Candy Cane Cow makes a calf like usual.  There's also a Santa suit for your avatar.
New AnimalsCandy Cane Calf

New Buildings

New & Old Decorations

The Final Verdict on Mystery Seedlings, Important, Read and Understand

I see many players posting that their seedling they are sharing came from a specific orchard full of specific trees, and then when people grow them, they are disappointed that the seedling they got, that was said to come from an Acai Orchard, turned into a Golden Plum and not a Peach Palm.  So here is how the Mystery Seedlings work.

1) There are 2 types of Seedlings, but both are called mystery seedling.  Type A is the seedling that you keep, this is going to be the Level 2 tree of some tree in your orchard, If you have a solid Orchard of 1 Type of tree, then you will have that trees Level 2.

Type B is a seedling picked up off the feed, these are wild cards, they can be anything that's a Level 2 tree.  And yes If someone Harvested an Acai Orchard, and posted the seedling, claiming it came from an Acai, it is possible you will grow a Peach Palm, but its more likely you will grow something else.

So the short version is: On Mystery seeds posted to the feed, it is a mystery what it will be, it does not matter what orchard it came out of. 


This information will likely change once the level 3 trees show up, but that may be a long time away.

Quit disappointing your friends, quit posting that the seedling you shared came from a "_____" Orchard.  It doesn't matter  Share this so people will know the truth! 

CSI: Holiday Tree 2010 RAGEFEST!

Whenever we do any investagatory type posts I for some weird ass reason like to call them CSI: Farmville.  (Yeahhhhhhhh!) Thanks to FvNationer Chibi for the logo.

So the other day we tossed up an image of what we found relating to the Holiday Tree for this year.  And a few bits of rage bubbled forth across the interwebs.


1) That its called the Holiday tree.  Well I cant shed any light on this.


2) Why isn't the tree like last year.  Well lets look at a few things first.

Sharp eyed views will notice it says "Progress" "Comparison" and "Presents"

Lets peak at what the Thanksgiving feast looks like

Hmmm Only two Buttons…. Wonder whats behind that 3rd button.

Speculation based on research:

Now I'm going out on a limb on this one.  I cant confirm that my theory is gonna be right, but here goes.

Farmers will get something, that they put into the tree, (just like the Dishes into the feast)

Then instead of having 6 items they can pick from (like the Feast) they will have Different types of presents (think kinda like the Spring Mystery Egg or Harvest surprise) and those presents you pick will then be listed on that 3rd tab, and once it gets to be December 25th You can open your presents.

The above is based on just what we have seen, and it may be way off base, or change due to Zynga changing their mind.

A New Co-op!

Just like how the last Sweet Seeds had that co-op you could get a Green Sweet Seeds seeder in, this one has a bit of a better co-op reward in my opinion.

A Candy Cane sheep!


So if you want wanna these candycane fellers you gonna have to get gold on this co-op, plus either have bought the Candy Canes or have a friend that did.

Happy Co-oping